Alexander Shaw


07968 493114

Alex joined the company in August 2008 as a Wealth Planner, and was appointed to our board of directors in June 2014. Prior to joining the company, he spent a successful eight years in advisory and technical roles with Barclays and Aegon.

He is comfortable covering all aspects of financial advice and has a portfolio of clients based both across Yorkshire and the UK. His particular areas of expertise are advising on wealth management, retirement planning and Inheritance Tax mitigation. He also helps shape the strategy of the business and manages various aspects of its daily operations.

Alex lives in the Pennines with his partner who is a Chartered Physiotherapist. Together, they have two children, who happily keep his home life anything but quiet. He is a former semi-professional rugby union player for Huddersfield RUFC, a keen runner, and an avid sports fan.

Latest news

Pre-Retirement Pension Funding

Client was a partner in an accountancy firm, 62 years old, and married with two adult children. He was looking to retire from full-time employment in the near future and work on a part-time consultancy basis for the company.


Early Retirement

A couple, both aged 50 with two grown-up children, have decided to retire from full-time employment as they wish to spend more time travelling, visiting family and on leisure activities.